November 15, 2018

Why R3

Client Comprehension
Through our "hands-on" and "roll-up our sleeves" approach, we take the time to comprehend your SAP technical needs and business initiatives. This allows us to better assist our clients throughout the life cycle of each SAP initiative and affords us the position to forecast upcoming needs.

Our consultants bring many years of SAP consulting along with strong industry & business knowledge to each client project. Our pipeline of available consultants includes senior, industry-seasoned professionals who understand how to best implement the SAP technology.

In-depth Industry Knowledge
Our SAP consulting solutions work for you because we understand the industry demands and your capacity to meet and exceed those demands. R3 Services provides top-notch business management experience, advanced technology knowledge, and a breadth of SAP expertise to bring together a complete solution.

Our SAP services are guaranteed by providing clients a one (1) week evaluation on the consultant selected. Should our client feel that our consultant needs to be removed because of poor SAP skills within the 1st 40 hours of the assignment --- Then R3 Services will provide a replacement consultant “free of charge”. Meaning, R3 Services will not bill our client for the hours associated with the consultant that was removed --- Plus, we will not bill our client for the 1st 40 hours associated with the new consultant that is selected by the client. This guarantee is based upon the stipulation that our client allows R3 Services to make the replacement and that the contract/assignment is a minimum of 90 days.


"Superior SAP Skills" The Touchstone of R3 Services
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